Let Us Answer Your Questions

What are your opening hours?

The retail butchery in Netherby is open Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm and Saturday, 8am to 1pm. Operating hours for the mobile abattoir may vary, please contact Netherby Meats for more information.

When and how do we pay?

Payment is expected when meat is collected, payment options are cash, eftpos and RuralCo. Please pay in retail shop first, before heading to back of building to collect meat.

Where is your meat sourced from?

At Netherby Meats we use 100% New Zealand meat. Animals are sourced locally from the mid Canterbury region wherever possible.

How should I cook my meat

For serving suggestions, check out our recipes page.

Can we buy animals from you?

Yes, for purchase we have a selection of Abattoir killed stock. Please let us know what meat you would like in advance.

Mobile Service

How far do I have to go?

Netherby Meats offers a mobile abattoir and processing service so the truck will come to you. The mobile service operates between Rakaia and Rangitata. If you are outside this zone, please contact Netherby Meats to discuss options.

How long until the meat is ready?

Time may vary, please notify us in advance if you require product by a particular date.

  • Beef — 7 days
  • Sheep — 2 days
  • Venison — 5-7 days
  • Pork — 3-7 days

You will be contacted when your meat is ready. Please pick up when contacted as soon as possible, we do not have room to store your product for long periods and you may get an extra charge for storage fees.

Will you process any animal that we have killed ourselves?

Yes, but it must have been hygienically slaughtered, free of foreign matter and any dirty carcases will be refused.

How much does my beef weigh?

Your animal is weighed just prior to boning and processing.

Is the processed meat fresh or frozen?

Unless stated by the customer all processing will come back frozen. Please notify us in advance if you wish your meat to be fresh.

What cuts do I get?

You get exactly what you have requested. It is important that you have clearly filled out an instruction sheet completely. If you do not fill in your form at time of killing and we are unable to make contact with you, your product will be made into basic cuts.

What instruction sheet do I fill out?

Order forms for Beef, Pork and Lamb can be filled out online. Choose which cuts you would like from your animal, order any small goods such as salami or sausages and specify any special dietary needs such as Gluten Free.

Do we get our own meat back?

Yes, all your meat is tagged upon arrival and with our detailed systems and protocols we ensure it is your meat that gets returned back to you.

What are some other things I should know regarding the farm service?

  • Cattle beasts get stressed on their own! – Leave a mate with them for company and for better meat results.
  • Please have animals handy, as we try to be on time. If we have to wait, then everyone is inconvenienced and you may receive charges for time wasted.
  • If you would like tongues, tails livers etc. then please let the slaughter man know and he will put them aside.
  • We need to understand your instructions fully.
  • Dairy breeds and fat cattle beasts don’t yield as well.
  • All animals need to rest for at least a day to ensure meat to be tender.
  • As we only have one truck you may experience delays of up to two weeks. Please be advised it may be longer in the spring to summer months, to ensure your place please book in early for these periods.

Can I sell homekill?

NO! Homekill animals are processed for your own consumption including your household, family and farmworkers. It is not to be sold or exported to anyone, including via raffles, etc. Doing so can result in hefty fines and/or jail.

We can only guarantee our workmanship; we are not responsible for the quality of the animal supplied.


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